Meet Our Staff

Bill Roney
Bill has 40+ years in the firearms industry, he was a competitive shooter for the Remington Arms Company and proud former Marine. Bill’s passion for the firearms industry helped The Outdoorsman grow to what it is today. 

Curtis Miera
Office Manager / Compliance Officer
Curtis is an NRA certified instructor that works with New Mexico Game and Fish. He has years of experience teaching local New Mexicans firearms safety.

Blaine Titus
Senior Sales Associate
Blaine has been with the Outdoorsman over the last 20+ years. He is former Coast Guard and has a wide range of knowledge about all types of firearms. He specializes in modern pistols.

Nathan Williams
Sales Associate
Nathan specializes in all antique and surplus firearms.  From old war weapons to your grandfather’s shotguns, Nathan is your guy!

Braddock Preston
Sales Associate
Braddock’s love for the firearm industry began at a very young age when his grandparents were firearm safety instructors in Tucson, AZ. Because of his passion, Brad has become an encyclopedia of firearm knowledge specializing in single action revolvers and tactical firearms from his time in the U.S. Army.

Josh Hennigh
Sales Associate
Josh is our jack of all trades. He covers a little bit of everything from pistols to rifles, from hunting, self-defense or tactical shooting. 

Come on in and say hello to the whole Outdoorsman of Santa Fe Family.